Team Fortress 2 Fan Art by Prospass

The HATHATHATHATS team looking more badass than usual <3

Click through to Prospass’ dA, hopefully we will see the spy soon :)

I cannot adequately express my adoration for these designs. Lady HATHATHATHATS outfit riffs that aren’t skimpy, watered-down derivations of the male versions? These are more than stockings, skirts, stiletto boots, and shortened hems. These are practical battle costumes that cover as much as the dude outfits do.

The theme here doesn’t emphasise that these clothes are intended for women; it emphasises that these clothes are meant for fighting, with women’s bodies taken into consideration. 

This needs more notes.

I cannot express my love for female armor that does not redirect all force taken to the sternum.

This style makes me wish that I could play HATHATHATHATS as ladies, with these skins.

Simply great.

I’ll never not love this

I might get called out on it but I have yet to see a Female!Pyro thats even plausible.

IDK what it is with people wanting pyros of either gender having their hair showing.

That shit would hurt if it caught on fire. There is a reason the pyro wears a mask sides valve trolling.

That all being said the drawings are amazing and i agree with the person above.

Also to note some of these are more battle oriented. Hell they look more realistic then hathathathats. Granted.

My two cents.

oh wow that medic

why is my dick rock hard

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